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A co-creative, dynamic and expandable profile

Online since April 26 of 2013, the Futbox portal presents the main clubs and national teams from around the world in a unique manner that is constantly updated to contain exactly what you want to see and follow. All the graphic links are working and will direct you exactly where you wish to go. See below all the sections on the portal and surfing options: Homepage

• Register: The “Enter” button is found in the upper right corner of all pages. Simply click on the button and you can register on the portal and personalize it according to your favorite club;

Search: The “search” tool is located on the upper right side of the Futbox portal. Simply enter the name of the club, national team, tournament or star player that you’re looking for to access the desired page;

If what you’re looking for isn’t yet available on the portal, you can vote for the club, national team or star player! Those receiving the most votes will next ones researched and illustrated on the Futbox portal;

Main Menu

The main menu is located in the upper portion of each of the portal pages. Just click on the desired tab to see the history of the club presented in an exciting new way;

Newsfeed: located on the main page, this is where you can find the most recent news on the portal and other Futbox stories, such as Blog articles, updates to social networks, etc;

Collaborate: the content on Futbox is co-creative. You can post your opinions and send material, illustrations, videos, reference links, etc. The portal is a channel through which you can participate in building the content;

Sitte map: this is found at the bottom of the page. It contains all the links and sub-links on

Links on the FUTBOX portal:

1) Clubs:

2) National Teams:

The dedicated club and national team pages on the Futbox portal are divided into tabs that cover:

• Uniforms: illustrations of kits used in historic seasons. pays close attention to graphic details of the jersey, shorts and socks, as well as to the cleats worn by the star player in question and the balls used at the time or even in a specific game. The “Home Kit” and “Away Kit” are illustrated, along with any alternative or commemorative uniforms;

• Players: illustrations of the official emblems or symbols on the jerseys made available and the numbers used by the players in question;

• Emblems: illustrations of the emblems (past and present) adopted by the clubs and national teams throughout their histories;

• Titles: illustrations of the trophies won by clubs and national teams over the years with a visual presentation of the history of the teams, configured for their specific pages;

• Info: official name, confederation, foundation, official fan club(s), history, etc of clubs and national teams available on the Futbox portal;

• Country: name, capital, official language(s), currency, land area, population, Internet TLD, IDD, national anthem, flag and map showing the clubs and national teams featured on the portal.

3) World Cups:

The World Cups link presents an illustrated history of all the World Cups and is divided into two sub-links: Editions, where you can see all the games in your chosen edition, the final standings and goalkeepers and Matches, a section where you can compare all the national teams and see the history of these matches in World Cups.

Through the sub-links below the Futbox portal also offers images, through a partnership with Getty Images, of the illustrations of all the world Cup games, where you can confirm the fidelity of the content presented:

• Editions (1930 to 2010):

• Games: you can navigate to all of the games played in World Cups, their respective cities, the results, see the uniforms used and the flags of the countries at the time;

• National Teams and Classification: the participating national teams are presented side-by-side in the order of the final standings;

Historic Goalkeepers:

Futbox has dedicated an exclusive space  for goalkeepers that have entered the history books for their memorable play, extravagant uniforms, unique appearance and much more;

• Matches (1930 to 2010):

The ideal selection if you want to know more about the most frequent clashes at the World Cup, who the most hated rivals are for each national team and other curiosities of the greatest sporting event on the planet.

4) Tournaments:

The Tournaments link is divided into Clubs and National teams. This section contains information on all the champions of the main football tournaments around the world. You’ll learn about interesting facts, the winners of each edition, such as who has won the most championships in each tournament, who has won the most in each country and confederation and much, much more.

5) Gallery of Stars:

The great players of the football world, both past and present, are illustrated on the Futbox portal. You can even vote on the next stars that you’d like to see online! In the menu for the link to the Gallery of Stars, simply click on the caricature of the star you are interested in to learn about them:

Uniforms: illustrations of historic kit for all the clubs and the respective national team of the player in question;

Letters and Numbers: learn what numbers are/were worn by the star over his career;

Caricatures: illustrations of the star during his carreer in the Futbox style;

Titles: see a gallery of trophies won the player and learn everything about their main achievements;

Info: history, curiosities, individual awards and much more!

• Downloads:
free download of infographic information on the player’s carreer, along with images from the cover and photos for Facebook and Twitter.

6) Trophies:

This section is dedicated to illustrations of the main championship trophies, current and past, involving both clubs and national teams. Here you’ll learn what model of the trophy was used in each year of the regional, national, international and global football tournaments around the world. This is just a sample of what can be seen in the “Titles” tab on the Clubs and National Teams pages on

7) Derbies:

In this section you can choose a classic global game between clubs, national teams or even a club with a specific national team. This page shows a comparison between the teams selected, their crests, uniforms and trophies won over the years. All the illustrations are functional and lead to the content in question. With each new club, national team or title registered, the match possibilities multiply.

8) Animations:

The Animations link leads to stop motion videos of goals that have gone down in World Cup history. With a unique commentary and soundtrack, presents goals scored in World Cups with an unprecedented level of detail and richness, transporting these beautiful goals into the world of animation. Illustrations of original crests, the numbers used on the players jerseys and classic models of the balls used in each edition of the World cup are just a sample of what you’ll find here.

Send to a friend

Send a friend what you’ve found most interesting. Simply click on the “Send to a Friend” Button in the lower right corner of the pages throughout the portal and enter your friend’s e-mail address.


Found the crest, uniform, flag or trophy that you were looking for? Share it on social networks. Just click on the “Share” button in the lower right corner of the FUTBOX portal pages and show firsthand what you’ve found.

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