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The website "" – and – in order to protect and to best serve its users and partners, presents its privacy policy, understanding the importance of such an item.

Therefore, please read carefully the terms below, in order to understand our policy.


"" does not collect personal information for the purposes of simple browsing, nor to obtain promotional information or about various promotional actions. Personal data will only be collected when the user supplies them in order to subscribe to or participate in a promotion.

"" may record user data, such as time of day, type of browser, language of the navigator, and IP address of each query, in order to improve our service and for internal security as well as that of the user, in the event of any fraud by third parties.


Without the express authorization of the user or partner, or a judicial order or from a jurisdictional authority, no identifying individual information will be released to third parties. Technologies such as anti-spam may be used by the site, but the users will be aware that, eventually, this service may reduce the speed of the site and affect the provision of services.


On your first visit to the website "", a "cookie" may be sent to your computer. This is, in fact, data which identify your computer so that, on your next visit, it will not be necessary to identify yourself again. The "Cookie" will be sent only when the user or partner identifies him/herself at "login" and may be used internally to define patterns and trends of the users. These data and cookies, however, will not be released to a third party.

The acceptance of cookies is a choice of the users and partners, which may be made by programming your computer to accept them or not. If the User does not want the cookies to be sent, or wishes that they be erased from the computer or equipment, that user must deactivate such a function in his/her browser or erase those already sent, and it is his/her full and exclusive responsibility to do so. "" will have no liability for such personal configuration, nor for any type of support about how to do so. The users must be aware that acceptance or not may affect the quality and speed of some of our services.

Any data in our records will be released only through judicial means, after due legal process, and using judicial orders such as warrants, etc.


Occasionally, information, promotions or publicity may be disclosed by means of links to external sites, which are neither developed nor controlled by "". As described in our terms of use and services, the results of redirection or searches done on the site "" may also show links to other sites, which follow the rules of those who created them. "" has no liability for them, and the responsibility rests on whomever holds the rights to the site where the links lead to and/or the person that registered or created the content.

The content of the links, publicity or promotions of third parties is not created by "" and, therefore, "" has no liability for any data altered in the information, content, rules, or regarding the veracity of the information supplied. "" is an information portal and has no control over such veracity, which is the exclusive liability of the user/company that created it and is responsible for the content.

Sites which host the links may follow rules of third parties regarding the installation of cookies, etc., for which reason "" has no liability for this linking.

The use of links on "" is intended only to develop and improve the profile of the site, and to expand and complete the information, such that the users can always browse in the best way.


Occasionally, "" may share information about its users with advertisers, suppliers, sponsors and other partners. This information does not include, in any way, personal identification data, without the consent of the users. This paragraph also follows the rule of the second paragraph of the section "Cookies".


"" reserves the right to alter the terms of this privacy policy. It is recommended that users read them carefully whenever they have questions, since the valid term is that in effect at the moment of access. Such modifications will be available and effective upon posting on the site.

Send us an email at for any doubts or questions.

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