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World Cups' historic goals stop-motion animations



FUTBOX portal offers a link " with animations " stop motion videos of the goals that are part of the history of World Cups, such as the one scored by Ghiggia in 1950, which gave the world title to Uruguay, beating Brazil at Maracanã; the goal Pelé, at the age of 17, in late 1958, scored after a beautiful volley over the Swedish defender; the ball that did not enter the goal in the controversial decision between England and Western Germany in 1966; "The Goal of the Century" scored by Diego Maradona against England in 1986, and the goal by Iniesta in the2010 final against the Netherlands, which handed Spain their first World Cup title.

To recap these moments, has decided to pay a homage to Vasco da Gama Stadium, better known as São Januário. The nickname is an allusion to the name of one of the access roads to the monument located in the city of Rio de Janeiro owned by the Vasco da Gama Yatch Club.

Inaugurated in 1927, it was the largest stadium in South America until 1930, when the works at Estadio Centenario in Montevideo (URU) were finished to host the first edition of the World Cup.

In 2007 São Januário Stadium became the stage of the thousandth goal by striker Romario and was chosen as the inspiration for the "FUTBOX Stadium". The Reconstituted animated shots take place at Colina Stadium, as can be seen by the facade, roof and bleachers of the model.

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