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Querétaro Fútbol Club

Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación

Data de fundação: 07/08/1950


Cidade: Querétaro

Site oficial:


Querétaro Fútbol Club, also called "Gallos Blancos de Querétaro", is a professional Mexican soccer club based in the city of Querétaro, founded on July 8, 1950. The Club currently contests the MX League, the country's main soccer competition. Its colors are blue, black and white and the mascot is a rooster.

In 1949, FMF - Mexican Football Federation, proposed the creation of a Second Division to expand interest in the game and create a development program for the first division. Querétaro received the invitation to participate in the new phase of Mexican football. Alfonso "Pachín" Niembro, then president of the Queretana de Fútbol Association, and Raúl Ayala, who represented Querétaro at the national level, with the help of a large number of local supporters, decided to organize a tournament whose winner would represent the City of Querétaro in the new division. The tournament was won by a team called "Los Piratas", which became "Club Querétaro A.C.". The new champions were joined by the Irapuato, Zacatepec, Toluca, Morelia and La Piedad clubs and founded "Segunda División".

Journalist Herrera "Periquín" Pozas nicknamed the "Gallos Blancos" club, based on the club's "willingness to fight for each ball" and its distinctive white uniforms at the time of its foundation. The team quickly developed a large base of local supporters. The Gallos Blancos came close to climbing to the Primera División on several occasions, the most memorable being in 1976 when they reached the final of the Second Division but lost to Atlante FC. Only on May 28, 2006 did the club conquer the Vague to play the main Mexican football competition.

In 2015 the club won the world media with the signing of the club Ronaldinho. However, he did not win titles as planned. The passage of the Brazilian was timid, but of great importance for the disclosure of Querétaro FC.

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