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América - MG

América - MG

América Futebol Clube

Confederação Brasileira de Futebol - CBF

Data de fundação: 04/30/1912

Apelidos: Coelhão, Decacampeão

Cidade: Belo Horizonte, MG

Site oficial:


Excited about football, a sport that was gaining more and more fans in Belo Horizonte, young mining elite founded on April 30, 1912, the America Futebol Clube. The following year, the cast was reinforced by the merger with the Minas Gerais Futebol Clube and coming players from Atletico Mineiro, with internal problems within the alvinegro club. This, also, was responsible for the merger of black America to the status in 1913.

Already in his early years, America took the hegemony of football in Minas Gerais, winning the decacampeonato between the years 1916 and 1925. It is the record of consecutive state titles - matched only by Christmas ABC (1932-1941) - Registered feat even in the Guinness Book. By 2013, the Rabbit also won six other miners championships, the last of them in 2016. In addition to the state titles, America is the only major of Belo Horizonte to have its own stadium, Independence and boasts the fact of being the first club champion of the Copa Sul-Minas (2000).

At the national level, America was champion of Serie B in 1997 and 2007, and the C Series in 2011. Famous for revealing great talents for Brazilian football, as is the case of Tostao, Éder Aleixo, Straw, Euller and Gilberto Silva, America He won the international news for a feat achieved in São Paulo Juniors Cup. To 3.17 seconds of the match against New GO Vila, Fred striker scored at the time the fastest goal in the history of world football. The feat was surpassed in 2009 by Nawaf Al Abed, Arab player Al Hilal, who scored a goal with less than three seconds against Al Shoalah, the Cup Prince Faisal bin Fahad U23.

For several years, the uniform holder of America is composed of vertically striped shirt black and green, black shorts and white meiões. The combination of "Away Kit" consists of white shirt with green diagonal band, white shorts and black meiões. It is worth noting that for ten years, the rabbit served with red shirts, protest against the professionalization in football. But the shield is made up solely of green and white. Above the distinctive, two yellow stars represent the achievements of the Brazilian Championship access divisions, while the red, centralized, symbolizes the title of the Copa Sul-Minas in 2000. distinctive Below a track mentions the America's  ten sequential championships.

In 2018 America launched its own brand of sports equipment - Sparta, and the entire line of uniforms for the 2019 season, developed by designer Adriano Ávila, founder of Futbox, in partnership with the Club and Bomache Esportes.

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