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Clube de Regatas do Flamengo

Confederação Brasileira de Futebol - CBF

Data de fundação: 11/15/1895

Apelidos: Mengo, Mengão, Rubro-Negro Carioca

Cidade: Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Site oficial:


The Clube de Regatas Flamengo is the soccer club that has the biggest crowd in the world, with more than 30 million fans. Founded on November 15, 1895, in the neighborhood of the same name (the move to Gávea would only materialize in the middle of the twentieth century), Flamengo started the activities in football only in 1911. A crisis instituted in Fluminense culminated with the departure of nine players, including team captain Alberto Borgeth (who was Flamengo rowing) who suggested creating a football section at the regatta club. The idea was soon accepted and as early as 1914, Flamengo won the title of the Carioca Football Championship of the 2nd Frame. The following year, he would become a two-time state champion.

Flamengo is the most successful club in the state of Rio de Janeiro. By 2017, there were 34 achievements, four of which were three times (1942-44, 1953-55, 1999-2001, and 2007-09). In spite of several regional achievements (he was also champion of the Rio-São Paulo Tournament of 1961), he would only achieve great achievements in the national and international scopes of the Zico Era. "Galinho" is considered the greatest player of all time in the history of the club. Revealed in the base categories of Flamengo, shirt 10 was decisive in the achievements of the Brasileirão of 1980, 1982, 1983 and 1987, besides the title of the Liberators and World-wide of 1981.

In the post-Zico era, Flamengo returned to win the Brazilian in 1992. One of the main names of that squad was Junior, who had already won three other national championships for the Gávea club. In 2009, Adriano Imperador and the Serbian Dejan Petkovic commanded the Mengão to his sixth title of the Brazilian Championship. The coach was the former flamenco player and idol, Andrade. In 2013, he was three times champion of the Brazil Cup (the other titles were in 1990 and 2006). Flamengo is one of the five clubs in Brazil that has never been demoted to the 2nd division.

Contrary to what many people imagine, Flamengo football players did not always play with the red-black striped shirt. The club's athletes did not allow the football team to wear the same uniform, as the new sport was subject to much prejudice until then. In this way, the first shirt adopted by Flamengo was the "Papagaio Vintém", with four large red and black squares, which were reminiscent of kites that could be bought by any Jeeves. But under the allegation that the uniform was unlucky, he was retired in 1913. Then the "Cobra Coral" shirt was striped in black and red with white stripes between the stripes. Although Flamengo had won its first titles with this uniform had to be replaced by the fact that it resembled the German flag, which was forbidden during World War I. Only in 1916 did the club ignore the rejection of the rowers and started to use in football the same shirt pattern of other sports.

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