International partnership involving football, design and business: Futbox (BRA) + NeverFade (UAE)

Futbox – Football’s Graphic Research Center, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has just signed an with NeverFade, a digital art startup based in Sharjah, UAE.

This unprecedented partnership between the two countries aims to exchange knowledge between the companies in the areas of research, innovation, design, branding, as well as attract new businesses in Brazil, the Emirates and throughout the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

The partnership will include the development of personalized projects for clubs, federations, museums, companies and brands with activation in sport, where NeverFade will represent the Futbox brand, mainly in UAE, which is going through a moment of great encouragement for the culture of innovation, through the construction of technology centers and parks such as the Sharjah Park – Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park. Futbox holds the largest illustrated collection of football in the world today, a large part of which is available on the Portal in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish and, in the future, also in Arabic.

Salama AlGhafli, a businesswoman in the Emirates and founder of NeverFade, sees this partnership as a great opportunity for both parties to explore the digital art markets in football, presented in an innovative way by Adriano Ávila, founder of Futbox. Salama AlGhafli comments:

“Adriano demonstrated, through his unique work, that art can promote the passion for football and solidify the relationship between clubs and their fans, creating new business models and revenue sources for partners and sponsors through his methodology .”

The Methodology in question is the TFT method: Tradition, Fans and Trophies, developed by Adriano Ávila and applied in all projects carried out by Futbox. He says:

“The partnership with NeverFade is enormously satisfying. Salama AlGhafli manages to intelligently mix art with the market and has a clear and objective vision of its purpose in relation to promoting her country’s culture. This partnership is the result of much study and observation, especially the behavior of fans in relation to their idols and favorite clubs. The smart brand management of a football club, championship or event, happens when we create value between fans and sponsors. The club is the environment where all this happens, and its visual identity is an excellent ingredient to fulfill and enrich this entire process.”


TFT Methodology: Tradition, Fans and Trophies

TFT Methodology: Tradition, Fans and Trophies


The commercial presentations referring to the partnership are already finished in English and Arabic and, soon, Futbox’s social networks will disclose the developments of the partnership and the first projects developed together. A lot of strategic knowledge will be developed, from now on, on a global basis through the TFT Methodology: Tradition, Fans and Trophies.


About Futbox


Futbox – Football Graphic Research Center – is the result of more than 30 years of research involving the history and symbology of clubs, national teams, championships, trophies and stars from around the world.

All this content and knowledge acquired over the years are made available to feed the most varied commercial and institutional actions, both physical and digital, of partners, sponsors and investors, in addition to the possibility of generating specific content to activate brands, companies, clubs, museums, agencies, products and football-related services.

The Portal is the world’s largest collection of football illustrations and contemplates the main clubs, national teams and championships, current and extinct, from the five continents, in addition to all the illustrated World Cups games since 1930 and stopmotion animations of the historic goals scored in the Cups. You can get to know the whole story, follow your favorite club and collaborate with Futbox by accessing the Portal and our channels, and sharing this content wherever you want and with whomever you wish.

Futbox is an unprecedented experience for those who like football, history and design, and is an innovative opportunity for new businesses in Brazil and around the world.


Futbox - The world's largest collection of football illustrations

Futbox – The world’s largest collection of football illustrations


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News about the partnership between Futbox, NeverFade and Sharjah Park in Portuguese at Exame, one of the most renowned portals in Brazil:







Click on the image below and check out the full chat on Bora Pra Resenha Podcast where we talk about the revitalization of football club brands, the Brazilian national team, calendar, VAR, updated rules, the new field demarcations and many other curiosities about the football history. (Interview in Portuguese):


Futbox in the Bora Pra Resenha Podcast

Futbox in the Bora Pra Resenha Podcast



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